Senegal: WalfTV and 2S TV are the winners in audience reach survey, says Tns Sofres


Market research agency Tns Sofres have published the results of a survey of 11 national and international TV channels in Senegal. WalfTV and 2S TV came out top with an identical audience reach of 20.2%. Both are private sector channels. Third place went to the public broadcaster RTS1, followed by Dunya Group’s RDV which got an 18% audience reach.

Among the international channels the winner was Africable (which calls itself la 'chaîne du contient') with 4.5% followed by TV5 and Canal Horizons, both of which got a 2.8% audience reach. In between these two was Canal infos News, Senegal’s news channel with 3.9%.

The lowest audience reach was obtained by thematic international channels like the music channel Trace TV (1.7%), Euronews and Canal + Sport (both 1.1%).

The survey was carried by Tns Sofres in collaboration with a number of media owners including Canal France International. The survey covered people above 15 years of age in homes in Dakar and Pikine and was a representative sample (1023) weighted according to gender, age, education and profession. It was carried out between 15 and 22 May 2008. It is part of an annual survey carried out in Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal. Tns Sofres is leading French market research agency.