Distribution In Brief


- A fresh generation of British film-makers and stars are bringing Africa's political dramas and human stories to the small screen. For decades, Africa has been a minor player on British television, popping up on news reports of famine and conflict, or as a beautiful setting for nature documentaries. But finally a series of heavyweight dramas are coming up in the next few months that will open up a much wider view of this overlooked continent. The most striking of these is Five’s Moses Jones which features a black detective investigating a murder in the Ugandan community in London.

- The Eurosport Sports Traveller vignettes go live on air on January 28 and are designed to entrench South Africa’s position as the world’s premier adventure destination. Eurosport is Europe’s top sports channel, reaching 22 million viewers a day in 59 countries. The Sports Traveller vignette on South Africa will enjoy huge international reach, giving viewers a taste of the sporting experiences that the

destination offers as well as the many great places that make a visit unforgettable.