Kenya Data Networks to introduce advanced news gathering applications for local TV and Radio stations

Technology & Convergence

Kenya Data Networks is bringing a whole new way of news gathering and dissemination for Local TV and Radio stations that will significantly reduce their operating expenses by up to 30 percent as happened in Latin America, Far East Asia and Europe and raise their quality of service levels for their viewers.

Kenya Data Networks aims to achieve this through partnership with Scopus Video Networks which supplies digital technology to the broadcasting industry in the world. The digital technology forms the basis for a new transmission infrastructure that will enable TV and Radio stations - currently using costly satellite equipment for broadcasts – to leverage the lower costs and reliability of content delivery over an IP network.

“Ours is a partnership aimed at providing solutions through improved means of reaching out to your consumers in a way that will increase revenues, improve customer retention and minimize your costs’’, said Kenya Data Networks Managing Director, Kai Wulff’ while addressing a gathering of media executives on the new technology.

KDN will deploy the technology using the fiber optic cable – a faster, high capacity and less expensive means of communication – to run live broadcasts, allow journalists and even people who have a story to send to do it from their homes and save media houses the trouble of using the costly Outside Broadcasting (OB) vans every other time there is a major event to be reported.

The project will also see KDN provide media stations with connectivity to their remote transmitters which will enable them deliver more content on the same bandwidth hence more revenues.