Cameroonian launches «Africa 24 » from Paris backed by Equatorial Guinea


A new Panafrican information channel, Africa 24, broadcasting 24 hours a day initially in French was officially launched on 12 May in Paris. Created by the Cameroonian Constant Nemale, also cofounder in 1998 of another Panafrican channel 3A Télésud, Africa 24 is a television channel aimed at the Africans on the continent and in the diaspora.

It started broadcasting in French in February and envisages broadcasting in English by the end of 2010 and in Arabic in 2011. The company studios have 45 employees (journalists, technicians, sales) from 18 nationalities, are set up in Saint-Cloud, a Parisian suburb. Africa 24 also has correspondents in a score of country across Africa.

"We address the Africans without distinction. We want to popularize the point of view of Africa on its vision of the world. Our rivals are CNN, France 24, the BBC: it is them which present Africa to the world, whereas Africa can present itself" , said Constant Nemale to AFP. Nemale said that he is the majority shareholder of Africa 24. Equatorial Guinea is its main financial partner along with to ten other countries, Nemale added.

Africa 24, whose annual operations budget is of 5 million Euros (against nearly 90 million Euros for France 24, as an example), will be financed by advertising. Nemale aims at "profitability in three years time or at least break even point". Regarding programming, the channel broadcasts news every half-hour, a chronicle of the African Stock exchanges, interviews, sports and society events. Africa 24 is available 7 days a week for subscribers of Canal Satellite Overseas and to partners on the African continent, before a widened expansion in Europe, Asia, the United States and the Middle East.