Origin Radio launches 24-hour African music channel on the Internet



Born from the idea that new technologies make it possible to touch in a precise way a very broad audience sensitive to the African music, Origin Radio wants to be the radio of Net surfers in search of musical feelings others that those of the large musical currents. The ambition of the radio is to:

- broadcast hits from African music and African artists;

- discover talents of tomorrow;

- highlight African DJs' settled on various continents;

- program classics of African music;

- partner with cultural events;

- be the African radio 100% music.

Paying special attention to the wide spectrum of various artists and musical currents, the radio's musical programming is eclectic. Origin radio's team takes particular care of the proportion between the style of each title broadcasted in order to develop:

- the African urban musics which include the Afro hip-hop, the shifted half, the ndombolo, the kuduru, the mbalax…

- traditional mandingue, mahoraise, Chadian, Senegalese… ;

- Afro zouk, afrobeat, afrojazz, makossa;

- DJs' Mixes.