Nigeria: Ubosi launches two new radio stations, Beat FM and Classic FM


Just after one week belting out great music to the Lagos folks, Chris Ubosi can heave a sigh of relief that great things are happening in broadcasting.

After spending time doing the rounds in the deregulated broadcast industry, Ubosi last week, came out with two stations - The Beat FM 99.9 and Classic FM 97.3, targeted at different audiences- 15 -35yeras and over 40 years respectively

Having successfully concluded the stations test run, Ubosi is happy and thankful to the regulator, the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, for giving him a great opportunity to perform at the highest level of the industry.

Now, his stations have joined the other stations in the Lagos area to compete for the ears of the audiences, and Ubosi says, "The real game has begun." Ubosi is one of those who see broadcasting as a major channel of cultural expression and wants to be in a position to contribute to the growth of the cultural industry by continuously promoting new talents and new ideas, as he has come to be known for.

He loves the radio genre of the broadcast industry because of its capacity for easy penetration and spread which makes the receive equipment very popular with the ordinary folk and Ubosi wants to do things that makes "our people" happy.

(source : Vanguard)