Gabon: Gabonews launches radio station and TV station, Canal Espoir


The journalists of Gabonews have launched a new radio station Frequence Espoir called which broadcasts on FM89.50 and Channel Espoir, a TV channel of the same name on channel 38 (607.25 Mhz)..

Guy Christian Mavioga, Président - Directeur - Général de ces deux nouveaux média, said »We wanto be different without belonging to any particular camp except those who want social justice, the well-being of the community, love of country and human dignity. »

« The two new stations are commercial media who will be at the service of all…in a word, to give a little joy to all those who dream…and Canal Espoir is a dream for all those who think there can be a better tomorrow. »

Frequencies for the new stations’ broadcasts were approved by the Conseil National de la Communication (CNC)in March

(Source : Gabonews)