Broadcast In Brief:


- According to Médiamétrie , Arte (the French-German TV channel) broadcasted at 22:30 on the 6th May, part of Europa Zoom entitled "Europe seen by Africa" ( "L'Europe vue d'Afrique") an dit was viewed by 379.000 people (1.6% PDA).

- Interviewed by Makeda Lydie Gnotuom at, Martin camus Mimb, who was voted best African commentator for the European champions league said that there were two key differences between match commentating in Africa and Europe. In Europe, there was much more of a focus on « rigour, professionalism, timing and precise details than here in Africa ». Secondly, European match commentary involved a whole team with a Chief Editor who prepared all the details for the commentator. In Africa, the presenter is key and there is less team work, it is a more personal and personalized work." Martin received this distinction after completing his training course with Canal France international.