Private sector broadcast chief Mactar Silla stresses role of communication in Africa's development


The chairman of the Organization of Africa's Private Television stations, Mactar Silla, has said communication plays a key role in Africa's development and urged the continent's leaders to be aware of this role.

''Nowadays, whatever campaign people launch, whether it be on health, agriculture or others aimed at developing a country, whatever area of life, if there is no communication, there will be no success,'' he said at the graduation ceremony of a communication and management school earlier this month.

''Communication is a must... It must not only be taken as propaganda tool, but as a vehicle for economic and social development,'' said Mr Silla.

He urged African political leaders to be aware of this reality and make communication a tool of development.

''The advances of humanity in the next few years, the next few decades and the next few centuries will be made through communication in the broader sense of the word,'' he added. In other words, the Media chief encouraged African companies and public organisations to provide more official written press releases and public media announcements on their needs and achievements.