Tunisia: Nessma TV promotes exchange of broadcast content between Maghreb countries


Tunisian private Television station, Nessma TV, has pledged to promote culture in the Maghreb region with its new programme schedules. One of its owners Nabil Karoui told a press conference here Tuesday that its programme, covering movies, artistic varieties and sports, would be beamed to other countries of the region. He called on producers, artistes and animators from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Mauritania to send their productions to his station for airing.

Established in June, Nessma TV is owned by the Karoui Group which has a 50 per cent shareholding (US$ 25 million), while the rest is owned by the French and Tunisian producer Tarek Ben Ammar, the boss of Quinta Communication, and the Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset Group.

According to Karoui, the station boasts of a market penetration of 38.7 per cent in Morocco, 34 per cent in Tunisia and 15.7 per cent in Algeria. During the Ramadan fasting month, the channel plans to “celebrate the event” by broadcasting exclusive serials about the war in Iraq.

Produced by the Tunisian Chawki Mejri and written by the Syrian scriptwriter Kha led Khalifa, the series, entitled "Houdou Nessbi" (Relative Calm) recount the “dangerous conditions which faced Arabic and foreign journalists, after the invasion of Iraq by American troops”.