Malawi’s broadcast regulator promotes the benefits of digital transmission but no date set yet for switchover


On July 9, 2009, the President of the regulatory agency responsible for Malawi’s broadcast sector (MACRA), Thengo Maloya, declared that the transition from analog to digital would facilitate the advent of modern techniques of communication in the country to make it possible to offer television images and sounds of higher quality.

Speaking during the workshop on digital broadcasting, in the seaside resort located in the district of Mangochi, he declared that the switch from analog to digital would offer considerable technological advances. “That is important for developing countries like Malawi in the sense that they will use modern technology such as in the United States of America” he said.

African Advanced Level Telecommunications (Afralti) spokesman, Jared Barraza, declared that the interest of digital can be explained by the fact that it uses less resources than analog transmission. The ITU has set the date 2015 for the switchover to digital broadcasting but Malawi has yet to set itself a date for its own transition.