Ghana: Uneasy Calm At GBC over new wages and benefits structure


Workers of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) are fuming with rage over the new salary structure that has been introduced. This development, which began in January this year, according to sources within the corporation, has sparked anger among some categories of the workers, especially at the senior level in the organization.

Ampem Darko, the embattled Director General of GBC, who used to take home around GH¢6,000 has had his salary and allowances put up to GH¢20,000.

His deputy, Anane Sarpong who used to take around GH¢2,000 according to our sources has also been given a huge increment. What has annoyed the workers is the disparities between category 'A' and 'H' who take home salaries and allowances that range between GH¢100 and GH¢300.

Information reaching The Chronicle indicates that category 'A' workers, which includes all Departmental heads, Regional directors and Regional accountants, since January this year, started receiving over GH¢1,600 whilst the other categories in the same line are still receiving GH¢300.

The Director General of GBC, Ampem Darko denied knowledge of this development when this reporter contacted him on phone. He also denied that he was earning GH¢20,000 as being alleged and directed this reporter to contact the National Media Commission (NMC) who employed him for verification. "Check from NMC and you will find out about my contract with them, they will probably tell you how much I take" he stressed.

He said whilst he would not want to comment on the issue, because he believes that the Administrative Manager of GBC should be in the best position to explain in detail the salary structure and working condition of workers, Ampem Darko promised to help rectify any anomaly if noticed.

When the divisional union chairman, Louis Darko was also contacted by this reporter, he confirmed the story. According to him, the code 'A' upward group of workers who are now enjoying the huge salaries that has become a subject of anger among the workers, negotiated their salary structure and working conditions directly with the board of GBC, as well as top management of the corporation, whilst the code 'A' down ward to 'H' group, which included himself negotiated with the management of the corporation, the mother union of Public Service Workers Union (PSW) for the Ministry of finance to stamp its authority for implementation.

However, he explained that they (code 'A' downward group) were not lucky enough because, after they had negotiated for increment nearly two years ago, nothing concrete to that effect has since been done by the Ministry of Finance.

Therefore, he said he would rather place the blame of the disparity that has been created at the doorstep of the government, especially the then Minister of Finance, for deliberately neglecting their concerns.

He further explained that after negotiations, they presented their report to the then Minister of Finance, Akoto Osei, who made his special assistant, Oko Asare to handle the matter, but till date, nothing concrete had come out of it.

Ghanaian Chronicle