Ethiopia: UNESCO sponsors training and equipment for 10 school Mini-Media Clubs


UNESCO, in collaboration with the Peace, Family and Media Association (PFMA), has sponsored training and equipment for school mini-media clubs in 10 locations in Addis Ababa. Luc Rukinama, UNESCO’s Representative to Ethiopia, handed over 10 tape recorders and radio cassette recorders at a ceremony held at the UNESCO Office in Addis Ababa on 24 March.

Speaking during the event, Mr Rukinama said the equipment provided by UNESCO would help alleviate the shortage of audio materials among school mini-media clubs in Addis Ababa. In conjunction with the media training, currently being organized, it will also support the development of the next generation of Ethiopian media professionals. He added that UNESCO will continue to support sustainable community media centres through upgrading the capacity of school mini-media clubs, taking into account that ‘Youth in Africa’ is one of UNESCO’s priorities.

PFMA’s Director, Ato Getachew Simie, received the training equipment on behalf of the school mini-media clubs. He commended UNESCO for its generous support and called on school mini-media clubs to make a proper use of the equipment: to support educational activities and to raise awareness of the challenges that the youth are facing.

The equipment will be used by the junior and secondary schools located in the capital: Lideta-Selam, Eyerusalem, Ethiopia-Tikidem, Finfinne, Yekatit 23, Dejazmach Zerai Deress, Tesfa Birhan, Hope-Enterprise, Ras-Amba and Misrak- Dil.

10 school mini-media clubs will receive training in radio journalism, which will cover news and feature writing techniques and programme preparation, the convention on the rights of children, as well as traffic and road safety. The programme will also offer field trips to local radio, television and press institutions, and opportunities to interact with media professionals.

It is expected that this training, together with other planned follow-up activities, will inspire the young mini-media to produce better quality programming that will inform students at the schools about issues directly impacting their lives. Furthermore, mentorship opportunities provided in the framework of the training could make some students choose careers in media. Some 15,000 students are expected to benefit from the programme.