DRC: Committee to Protect Journalists calls for re-opening of two closed private stations

Regulation & Policy

The Committee to Protect Journalists has called on authorities in the south-eastern Congolese city of Likasi to allow two private stations to return to the air. On 11, March 2009, the mayor of Likasi, Denis Kalondji Ngoy, ordered the closure of Radio Communautaire du Katanga (RCK) and Radiotélévision Likasi 4 (RTL4) in connection with their coverage of a local strike, according to local press freedom group Journaliste en Danger (JED). Polydor Muboyayi, president of the Congolese Observatory of Congolese Media, told CPJ that closing the stations was illegal since the High Authority on Media, the official media regulator, has the exclusive authority to shut down media outlets. Nawesi said he is still waiting for the mayor to make a statement that would allow him to return to the air.

In a separate note, JED asked Authorities in Republic of Congo to immediately lift their ban on private TV station Canal Bénédiction Plus (CB Plus). The ban was enacted in February in response to political coverage in the lead-up to presidential elections in July.Recently, CPJ named 14 nations in the World where journalists are slain and killers go free.