Zain adds entertainment downloads in Kuwait - will Africa follow?

Technology & Convergence

A partnership agreement called ‘Zain Create’ will allows Zain’s customers to download entertainment from Rotana Media Group, the pan-Arab audio-video giant. Initially launched in Kuwait, Zain, the leading mobile telecom operator in Kuwait, with operations in a further 22 countries across the Middle East and Africa could be extended to other countries. Zain in Kuwait CEO Khaled Al Hajeri said: "Mobile phones are no longer devices for merely making and receiving calls, they are increasingly becoming a platform for expressing an entire modern lifestyle, be it for business or pleasure.“ Mobile phone clients in Kuwait will be able to download music as full tracks - through their mobile phones or their personal computers - either via the Zain Create website ( or directly through the Zain Create Mobile application on handsets. Customers can also watch Rotana TV channels live on their mobile phones and laptops.

As an introductory offer, any Zain Kuwait customer who registers for ‘Zain Create’ before April 1, 2009 will receive a 5 KWD ($17) credit that can be used to download 16 audio song files anytime. The price of downloading an audio song file in Kuwait is 300 fils ($1). The service currently offers only audio songs files; however, it will be extended to include video clip downloads and other mobile content in the future.