Sex in the City of Harare documentary seeks funding for post-production funding to edit 90 hours of footage


The filming of Sex In the City, Harare, which saw 14 brave men and women as well as famous Zimbabwean personalities talking about sex on camera last year, has come and gone. Now the producers, International Video Fair Trust, are in the process of raising additional funds for post-production in the hopes of securing an international editor. “We have more than 90 hours of footage and are looking for an international editor with experience working on documentaries particularly those of an anthropological nature, to do the editing,” said Charity Maruta, International Video Fair Trust’s Director.

She added that an editor from the United Kingdom had already been identified but additional funding was required to bring him out to Zimbabwe for two months not only for the editing of Sex In the City, Harare but to conduct training with local editors. “The editor we have found is vastly experienced in editing documentaries and has a particular interest in anthropology, which is ideal considering that Sex In the City, Harare, is centred around a focus group,” said Maruta. “But we are not just concentrating on our own production when the editor comes - we want to make him available for training local editors in Final Cut Pro with an emphasis on documentary editing,” Maruta added, saying that she hoped this would help strengthen Zimbabwe’s film industry, which has suffered with other industries as a result of the political and economic problems that have affected the country over the past few years.