Zimbabwe: Children's Radio Discussion Programme Launched


Orphaned and vulberable children have now got their own slot to say what they think in Zimbabwe. The programme series, entitled "Inzwi Redu/Ilizwi Lethu/Our Voice", will be aired every Thursday on Radio Zimbabwe.

The nation-wide radio series, which will be aired between 1630 and 1700hrs, aims to reach at least 200,000 orphans and other vulnerable children in Zimbabwe with comprehensive, life-saving and life-enhancing information and skills that will contribute towards their development.

The programme will be a studio-based discussion between a grandmother, "Gogo", and children which will see two children every week read a story after which "Gogo" will ask them questions on what they would have learnt.

Issues that the producers will look at would include those around HIV and Aids, life skills, access to basic services and psycho-social support, among others. Information on the programmes would be tailored towards the general development of the children, breaking the vicious cycle of vulnerability and HIV transmission at the same time enhancing the children's personal survival. Children at home will also have an opportunity to participate in the programme through letter writing, phone-ins, and competition prizes.

On different programmes technical experts would be called in every four weeks to discuss issues raised in previous programmes so as to encourage young listeners as well as caregivers, programmers, and other adults, to share what they would have learnt in previous weeks. The interactive series will be broadcast in Shona and Ndebele and will run for a year.

(Source : The Herald)