4th Lola Kenya Screen Confirms Festival Dates, Nairobi (10-15 August 2009)


The 4th edition of the annual Lola Kenya Screen audiovisual media festival for children and youth in eastern Africa will be held at Goethe-Institut, Nairobi, Kenya, August 10-15, 2009.

Established in October 2005 to explore, identify and nurture creative talents among children and youth in areas of filmmaking, cultural journalism, events planning and presentation and critical appreciation of creativity, Lola Kenya Screen has over the past three years, Lola Kenya Screen has, through hands-on mentorship workshops, helped add 31 child filmmakers, 14 journalists, 13 film judges, 7 MCs, 15 producers of television drama for and youth and 6 producers of documentary films for children and youth to Africa’s creative and cultural spectrum.

While Lola Kenya Screen has produced 20 short animation films and six short documentaries that have won-and continue to win-accolades and awards around the world, the festival has also showcased more than 1200 films from 71 nations representing all the continents in various genres, formats and lengths.

In 2009, Lola Kenya Screen shall exhibit films from 50 countries and train children and youth in the production, appreciation, promotion, distribution and consumption of high quality audiovisual media content.

Lola Kenya screen, presented by ComMattersKenya in conjunction with Goethe-Institut in Kenya, is in 2009 working with UNESCO, Prix Jeunesse and CIFEJ.

Meanwhile, films made by children during the annual Lola Kenya Screen film production workshops are being translated into German and French, beginning with the well-loved Kiswahili and English hit, LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS, made by Adede Hawi Nyodero, Samora Michelle Oundo and Karama Kilibwa Ogova in August 2007.

The translation is being undertaken by children in France and Germany through the partnership between Lola Kenya Screen and the Brussels-based Studio Malembe Maa of Congo-Kinshasa. Catherine Lion-Berl, a France-based teacher and member of Studio Malembe Maa, is coordinating the activity.

LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS, the African representative in the Global Kids For Kids Festival Competition in 2008, is also winner of the Lola Kenya Screen Most Creative Project in 2007, 2nd Kids For Kids Africa Festival Competition Grand Prize in 2008, Special Jury Prize at 17th Jugend Medien Festival Berlin 2008, and nominee for Best Animation at the continental Africa Movie Academy Awards 2009, among other awards and accolades.


Highway Africa conference, Grahamstown, South Africa (6 - 10 September 2009)

Highway Africa is a partnership between Rhodes University (School of Journalism and Media Studies) and the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), with the support of several partners, development agencies and sponsors. For eleven years the Highway Africa conference has been at the centre of Africa's debates on journalism and new media. The conference has over the years become the largest annual gathering of African journalists in the world (701 in 2007).

People to People International Documentary Conference (10-12 September 2009)

Following on the successful inauguration of the People to People International Documentary Conference in 2007, the biennial conference is scheduled in 2009 for 10-12 September.

A joint initiative of the Tri-Continental Film Festival, Encounters South African International Documentary Festival and Southern Africa Communications for Development (Sacod), the conference helps fulfil the critical role of documentary film in Africa and the global South.

Planned to coincide alternately with the Tri-Continental Film Festival in September and Encounters South African International Documentary Festival in June, the second edition of the conference is to take place in concert with the Tri-Continental Film Festival, as it did in 2007. This has been necessitated by Encounters unfortunately having to curtail the Johannesburg leg of its festival due to a funding shortfall. The People to People International Documentary Conference will however also benefit from and share synergies with a revived Sithengi market, which too is scheduled for September in Johannesburg. Registration for the conference, which is to engage urgent issues confronting documentary film and society, will open in July.

The Southern African Broadcasting Association's (SABA) 2009 Annual General Conference will take place in MASERU, LESOTHO 11-14 OCTOBER 2009.

Theme: Embracing Digital Migration

Venue: Maseru, Lesotho

Dates: 11-14 October 2009

Invitations and further details to be sent to delegates in due course. (<http://www.saba.co.za/>)

Assistance needed - Future of Encounters in jeopardy


Are you a professional African journalist or do you employ African journalists that could benefit from international training? Does your publication or radio station wish to receive free high-quality content in the run-up to, and during, the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in 2010? If so, read on!

Twenty Ten. African media on the road to 2010 (and beyond)

World Press Photo Foundation, Free Voice, Africa Media Online and lokaalmondiaal invite African journalists and media houses from different professional backgrounds (photo, print and radio) to participate in the Twenty Ten project. Here, you will find information about the aims and benefits of this project, as well as information on how you and your employee can be involved.

Year 2010: for the first time in history, one of the most important sport and media events, the FIFA World Cup, takes place on the African continent. While the world's focus will be on South Africa and football, Twenty Ten grabs this unique opportunity to give African journalists the chance to report on football and all the associated stories in Africa from an African perspective.

The benefits?

Why should my employee apply for the Twenty Ten project and what are the benefits for African media?

• Twenty Ten strengthens the professional journalistic skills and capacities of my employee in different fields: editorial, technical and ethical. Training workshops will be organized in 2009, parallel to qualifying matches of the African teams for 2010, and other championships in Africa, such as the FIFA U-20 World Cup.

• My organization does not have to pay for this high quality training and mentorship.

• Twenty Ten is an opportunity for African media organizations to become involved in the reporting, production and publication, both within Africa as well as outside the continent.

• The Twenty Ten network gives most African media free access and user rights to a large amount of journalistic products about football in Africa, made by African professional journalists all over the continent, to be broadcasted or published freely by my organization before and during the FIFA World Cup 2010.

• My company benefits from 50% of the revenue on the sale of products created by my employee.

• My organizations’ reputation will be increased by a worldwide distribution of my employee's journalistic work via the Twenty Ten.


Training: Distribution and Marketing for industry professionals

Bigfish School of Digitial Filmmaking presents a 5 day skills development course funded by the Gauteng Film Commission. 5 day skills development course. WHO: Producers, Marketing and Publicity practitioners, Festival Directors, would-be Distributors with industry experience and Film Makers who wish to self distribute. WHY: New opportunities are constantly opening up in the area of distribution: mobile; internet or classically based models. Producers, filmmakers, industry related professionals need to participate in shaping their financial destinies by factoring in distribution at the onset of a production to see returns and profit from investment in intellectual property.


• Design and implement a business plan for your marketing and distribution.

• Increase and grow new income streams through effective and innovative distribution strategies.

• Understand the legal requirements and deliverables needed for distribution.

• Understand different channels’ formats and platforms of distribution.

• Understand the international business of distribution and sales.

• Benefit from new and converging technologies available to the industry.

WHEN June:

Friday 19th Monday 22nd Tuesday 23rd Wednesday 24th

Thursday 25th June 09

Weekdays 9-4pm;

This course will be facilitated by Dan Jawitz, an Emmy award-winning producer and distribution expert involved in production, distribution, sales and marketing of African film and TV product for 15 years.

Contact details, motivations and CVs for this course should be sent to:

Connie Mosegedi

Tel: (011) 482 5599

Fax :( 011) 482 6699


This course is made available through funding from the Gauteng Film Commission.

Script registration offered through Pitchit


Script registration offers protection to filmmakers and writers for work that is not yet published. It provides filmmakers with evidence of priority of ownership by establishing the completion date of their work. This evidence is crucial in a legal dispute of ownership, and it is important that filmmakers and writers ascertain proof of ownership prior to sharing the work with anyone.

“Such a service has never existed in the country and we certainly need the protection” said Uzanenkosi Mahlangu, creative activist and managing director of Ants Multimedia Entertainment.


Camera Assistants’ Course 2009


Course: Slamdance 2-Day Guerrilla Film School Stellenbosch & CT in June

The Slamdance Africa 2 Day Film School runs for the first time in Stellenbosch 6/7th June and in Cape Town 13/14th June ‘09. The course is designed by filmmakers for filmmakers who want to write, shoot, cut and sell their zero to low budget guerrilla film.

Started in 1995 by a group of independent artists, the Slamdance Film Festival continues to be organized and programmed exclusively by filmmakers, for filmmakers.

No less, here at our 2-day film school, the course is designed by our filmmakers for filmmakers, actors, writers and producers who want to learn the hard and true methods of screenwriting and film making that made the careers of Slamdance alumni like Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Oceans 11), Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, Memento, Dark Knight) , Marc Forster (The Kite Runner, The Quantum Solace) and Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite).

Want to write, direct a feature film or documentary? Want to do it on a dime? In 2 days you will learn how to write, finance, cast, shoot, cut, post, get to a film festival and sell your film.

At Slamdance we have proven methods based on hundreds of successful filmmakers who have followed the basic tenets of our low budget filmmaking 101.

1. Get writing with The Knowledge: Writing for budget, Aristotelian Three-Act, Field’s Paradigm, Robert McKee’s Method, The Hero’s Journey and the Scorsese five-sequence archetype.

2. Get Technical! You gonna need to learn more than rip a DVD. You will need to learn how to shoot and cut. It’s simpler than you think.

3. Get professional! Get Smart! This is your new career. It is brutal out there in Hollywoodland and only the smart survive! We will show you how to navigate through the sharks of the industry, the film festivals, the sales agents and distribution execs. All this for R700/R450 students.