Madagascar: RTA enlarges its studios and launches the second edition of Pazzapa


Malagasy broadcaster RTA has enlarged its studios and the opening of them coincides with the launching of the second edition of Pazzapa.

Broadcaster Radio Télévision d'Analamanga (RTA) has since 2004 been based in a quartier called « Village des Jeux », along with l’Express and Radio Antsiva, part of the media holdings of the Prey family. The enlargement of RTA’s studios is part of the company strategy to increase its capacity, says Selven Naidu, D-G of RTA. It has increased its offices from 600 sq metres to 2,800 square metres. The new space accommodates 30 offices and 12 studios for RTA TV, Radio Tana et RTA Radio. The biggest space is 2000 sq metres and is capable of accommodating 1,800 people, three times the capacity of Dôme d'Ankorondrano.

The opening coincided with the launch of the second series of its reality game show Papazza7. RTA’s D-G promised that the new premises will be fully operational no later than 15 August.
L'Express de Madagascar