Promoting African cinema, "L' Héritage" soon on Africable


After the success recorded by TV series Marc and Malika, launched on 4 April 2009, Africable is about to launch a new series entitled “L' Heritage”. In partnership with the Azimuth Group’s, Atene Production, Africable will broadcast the new TV series “L' Heritage”, which includes 52 episodes over 6 months.

Half of the series has already been produced and each episode lasts for 26 minutes. “L' Heritage” is a production carried out by a film maker from Ivory Coast, Hassan Lacina David. The film is about a young man named Julien who should legitimately inherit a large fortune but who does not manage to get in possession of the inheritance because of his uncle who got hold of it. His uncle Daniel, a sharp opportunist and wizard, wastes this money with his own children instead.

Full of suspense, l' heritage is a film of love, money, passion, jealousy, power and selfishness. Winner the Yennega Grand Prix of the FESPACO in 1993 with his film “In the name of Christ”, Hassan David has his own theatre Company, “Les Oliviers de Cocody”.He is the author of a short film entitled “Faya 1 and 2 in 2007 and of “the witch and the beautiful girl” (« La sorcière et la belle fille ». ). “L' Heritage” was selected in competition at FESPACO 2008.