Content In Brief:


- A new South African reality-type show called MAN's premiering on SABC3 in October. TVSA reports that the documentary-soap features four South Africa men, of different races and sexual orientations; Two are straight, one's gay and the other's bisexual. They talk about what it means to be a man and date in the city. It evolves as a debate between the four men. No-one needs to get to married so there's no competition element to it. Rather the show follows them as they give their take on being men, being-with men and women; and how they see each other.

- To highlight the return of two series’ to MNET’s Action Channel, ‘24’, an Emmy and Golden Globe award winning series starring Keifer Sutherland, and ‘The Contender’, MNET has again partnered with indoor advertising specialist The Letter Corporation. The local broadcaster will also use this space until the end of June this year to launch the Series Channel’s new medical talk show called The Doctors.

- The SABC has laid charges of theft against the Mail and Guardian newspaper at a Johannesburg police station for allegedly being in illegal possession of the public broadcaster’s property. This after the M&G website posted the uncut material of a Special Assignment documentary on political satire. The Special Assignment show was meant to be on political satire featuring cartoonist Zapiro. Minutes before it was due to air in April it was pulled off by management. On Tuesday night it was once again pulled off. SABC spokesperson, Kaizer Kganyago says: “We have seen that the M&G is in possession of SABC material, we feel as the SABC that the material belongs to us so we've opened a charge for possession of material that is unlawfully theirs."