Distribution In Brief:


- Over 4000 South Africans picked up free tickets this past weekend to watch the opening games of the 2009 Confederations Cup at Ster-Kinekor Theatres (SKT) - who is screening all the matches live and free at its cinemas nationwide. From this Saturday, 20 June, alcohol will be available for sale at 4 of the 16 cinemas screening the games: SK Sterland (Pta), SK Gateway (Dbn), SK The Zone (Jhb) and SK Bayside (CT). No under-18s will be allowed into these screenings; proof of ID will be requested, when tickets are collected at these cinemas. The other 12 cinemas screening the matches will remain family-focused. Each cinema has been transformed into a festive soccer experience. Special catering - such as hotdogs and pies - are on sale at participating cinemas for the duration of the Confederations Cup-screenings. Some cinemas will also have football tables and speed cages for everyone to hone their soccer skills. Free tickets are available to public at participating cinemas 5 days prior to each match; limited to 4 tickets per person per game, on a “first come, first served” basis.


- The 5th annual Rwanda Film Festival is still on. There are lots of film screenings at different venues in Kigali city. Last Friday, Shokola, a newly established restaurant in Kiyovu, teamed up with Rwanda Cinema Centre and screened a couple of films.

The restaurant was jam-packed, as movie lovers flocked in from different parts of the city to catch-up with the day's films. Admission was free, but food and drinks were on sale. The first film to be screened was; "Children of Congo" (2008), directed by Dan Ballaf. It lasted two hours, but other films which included: "Mob Doc", by a Kenyan actor Egregious Jitu and many others were screened until late.