Movie Mary Slessor airs on the African Movie Channel


The African Movie Channel (AMC ) continues to blaze the trail as the home of Africa’s top creative talent and most captivating entertainment. From Friday, 26th June, AMC will make available on-demand, the epic 11-part tale of Mary Slessor, the Scottish missionary whose service to the people of Calabar is remembered and honoured to this day.

With backing from the BBC, the series was produced and directed by top Nollywood director Jeta Amata, with help from long-time friend Nick Moran, star of the cool British gangster flick Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Mary Slessor features Jeta’s father Zack Amata and uncle Fred Amata, two of the leading members of Nollywood’s ‘royal’ Amata family. The real star of this production is British actress Alison Pargeter, who rose to fame in British BAFTA-winning soap opera, Eastenders. Her portrayal of Mary Slessor brings the heroine of Calabar to life.

This compelling drama series recounts the colourful and courageous story of Mary Slessor, who lived and worked among the people of Calabar in the late 19th Century. By learning their language and culture, she spread the Christian faith and persuaded those with long-held traditional beliefs to abandon cruel practices, such as the killing of twins at birth, and adopt new ones, like modern medicines for the cure of various tropical diseases. She also crusaded for women’s rights and social justice in the context of communities that had been torn apart by the slave trade over many generations.

Mary Slessor of Calabar her story, so entrenched in the Calabar cultural heritage, is a poignant recount of a woman’s strong commitment and selfless service to humanity with rich moral values. Her story is so touching as to bring Queen Elizabeth II to her gravesite in Calabar in the year 1953 to pay homage to this great woman.

AMC’s co-director, Lola Onigbogi said, “Mary Slessor of Calabar is one of the most significant recent developments in African television production. With international funding, an international cast and crew and shot on location where actual events took place, it brings an African story to life for audiences all over the world. With AMC, we have created a platform that ensures audiences the world over can share in this inspiring story".

This gripping on-demand series can be watched in exclusively on the African Movie Channel And for a limited period only, the African Movie Channel is offering the first three episodes for the price of two.