Shepherds and Butchers for VideoVision Entertainment


Anant Singh has announced the acquisition of the film rights to Durban advocate, Chris Marnewick's book Shepherds & Butchers. The book is a riveting cliff-hanger courtroom drama about capital punishment. Shepherds & Butchers won the University of Johannesburg's Prize for Debut Work of Fiction (English) and also appeared in the Sunday Times Long List for Best Works of Fiction for 2008 and was in the Top 5 shortlisted books of the 2008 M-Net Literary Awards and was also shortlisted in the Top 3 in the 2008 M-Net Awards for Books Best Suited to be Turned into a Film.

"We are thrilled to have acquired the coveted rights to Shepherds & Butchers from Chris Marnewick," said Anant Singh. "Hats off to Chris who did a fantastic job with his first book. It is a compelling and absorbing story which we hope to turn into a powerful film. Chris deals with the death penalty, which is always a controversial issue with audiences around the world, in a profound way. It is also very satisfying for us to have concluded this deal with Chris as both of us are Durban based," continued Singh.

Commenting on the film rights deal, Advocate Chris Marnewick said, "I have viewed a number of Anant's serious films and I think he is the right man to take the important message in Shepherds & Butchers to the public by means of a feature film."

Development on the film will commence immediately and discussions are already underway with potential writers to adapt the book into a screenplay.