Satellite : RRSat expands access to Africa via Telstar 11N


RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd , a provider of content management and global distribution services to the television and radio broadcasting industries, announced last week that it has started operating a new Multi Channels Per Carrier (MCPC) platform on the Telstar 11N satellite located at 37.5 degrees West.

Telstar 11N is a new Telesat satellite that utilizes high powered Ku-band transponders to support a wide range of video and data applications in North America, Europe and Africa and across the Atlantic Ocean. RRsat’s Ku-band platform will enable the company to serve a growing number of broadcasters who can now offer television and IP-based services to the African market, including West and South Africa, by connecting to leading cable operators and Direct-to-Home (DTH) providers on the continent.

"We are very excited to expand our services to Africa through this new platform which allows broadcasters around the world to efficiently reach West and South Africa - markets that have long been difficult to access," commented Lior Rival, Deputy CEO and VP Sales and Marketing. "This platform enables RRsat to further expand its offerings to leading cable and satellite operators in Africa, providing them with the means to reach millions of new households daily. We are also pleased to offer advanced DTH services on our platform so that viewers can access the latest programming and video content with small antennas, further expanding new subscriber opportunities for our broadcast customers.”

“Telesat and RRsat have enjoyed great success implementing an MCPC platform in Asia on Telstar 10,” said Michael Schwartz, Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Development at Telesat. “It’s always great when a customer’s success in one market leads them to expand to another Telesat satellite, and that’s exactly the situation we have with RRsat’s new MCPC platform on Telstar 11N.”