SABA/AIBD Co-Production on Children’s Programmes: 2nd round of commissions


SABA and AIBD are jointly organizing a co-production of Children’s TV programmes. Given the success of the first project, AIBD with its international partners SABA(Southern African Broadcasting Association), ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union), IBU (Islamic Broadcasting Union), CBA (Commonwealth Broadcasting Association), French government and CBFA (Children & Broadcasting Foundation for Africa), is organizing the second series of the "I am" project. Three identical workshops are organized as follows: Tunis (6-10 April 2009), Kuala Lumpur (27-30 April 2009) and Johannesburg (4-8 May 2009).

Then, participants, with the support of 2 senior Executive Producers, will produce their own episodes. At the end, AIBD will collect all episodes and edit a series for participating organizations. Whilst they have to cover the costs of one production, they will benefit by receiving 40 more programs at no cost and free of copy right to air during a period of one year.

The plan is to bring together at least 40 Children’s TV programme producers from Asia, Africa and the Arab world to participate in this international co-production of short programmes series for Children with a view to strengthen cultural diversity and create a better understanding among children about various cultures and school of thoughts.

Through these series, children will have the opportunity to voice their opinion on their own culture and express how they look at various other cultures. During the first round, which was completed in 2008, a series of 14 episodes were produced.