GlobeCast has launched new African DTH distribution platform


GlobeCast spokesman Matthew Rosenstein sais that GlobeCast has started transmissions on SES ASTRA’s Astra 4A (Sirius 4) satellite since March 2009. African broadcaster VoxAfrica is one of the first channels to sign up for the new platform which provides sub-Saharan Africa’s widest and most powerful coverage. This will allow Sub-Saharan African homes to receive quality free-to-air programming, including VoxAfrica, the first Panafrican, bilingual (English/French) and independent TV channel broadcasting throughout the continent via satellite.

VoxAfrica called on GlobeCast to provide capacity and distribution its programming to Africa. VoxAfrica now broadcasts online, on cable and on satellite. The new platform on Astra 4A, located at 5° East is the first Ku-band DTH platform with coverage over sub-Saharan Africa, providing broadcasters with the opportunity to reach households across the continent.

GlobeCast has contracted one transponder on the satellite that facilitates uplink from Europe and is compliant to distribute services to IPTV or terrestrial network headends. The new platform, which is an alternative to the pay TV bouquets in sub-Saharan Africa, responds to a strong demand for free-to-air Ku-band coverage of this crucial region. Several African broadcasters are already in contact with GlobeCast to secure positions in this coveted space to secure positions in this coveted space and extend their audience to 56 African countries.

Matthew Rosenstein also confirmed that further to the transmissions on Astra 4A , Walf Fadjri, a key news source, web and radio group in Senegal, has joined GlobeCast's platform becoming the second major client on this new sub-Saharan distribution product. GlobeCast is also preparing for the Confederations Cup in South Africa, to be held from 14-28 June, offering facilities to rightsholding and non-rightsholding broadcasters covering the event. Facilities for this event include: Exclusive Live Position overlooking Coca Cola Park Stadium in Johannesburg, GlobeCast Johannesburg Office multi format Feed point & Live position, Pretoria and Bloemfontein studios and playout, Dedicated SNGs available on request, and International turnaround via satellite and fiber. GlobeCast, a subsidiary of France Telecom, is the leading global provider of content management and worldwide transmission services for professional broadcast delivery.

The company operates a secure global satellite and fibre network to manage and transport 10 million hours of video and other rich media each year, providing ingest, aggregation, transmission and repurposing of content for delivery to direct-to-home satellite platforms; cable, IPTV, mobile TV, mobile and broadband headends; as well as corporate and digital signage networks. GlobeCast’s fleet of SNG trucks is deployed globally to support coverage of the biggest news and sporting events each year in SD and HDTV formats.