Mauritius: MBC reports revenues of Rs 107.9 millions for Q1,2009


Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation earned Rs107.9 from 1 January to April 2009, according to a statement by the Mauritius Prime Minister to Parliament on 28 April. In the same statement it was revealed that MBC’s profits for 2006/2007 and 2007/2008 were respectively Rs26.9 million and Rs16.9 million. Profits on the Q1 revenues were estimated to be around Rs 10 million.

In response to a question from Ajay Gunness, the Prime Minister confirmed that the Anti-Corruption Commission was leading an enquiry into the Sales and Advertising department at MBC. Responding to other parliamentary questions, the Prime Minister said that MBC had not signed a contract drawn up in July 2005 with Viditech and Digipro.