Regulation & Policy

In a sequel to the lopsided coverage of elections and political reportage by broadcasting stations Nigeria, broadcasters have been reminded of the provisions of the Nigeria Broadcasting Code designed to create and promote equity and political harmony amongst the populace.

In a statement last weed in Abuja, the Commission’s Director General, Engr. Yomi Bolarinwa stressed the need for Broadcasting Stations to play strictly by the rules as contained in the Nigeria Broadcasting Code in the interest of balance and fairness which are crucial ingredients to achieving an egalitarian society. In specific terms, the stations are enjoined to take special note of the following provisions which form the bedrock of political broadcasts:

Section 5.2.10 which says ‘A station or its staff shall NOT at electioneering time, broadcast the collated sum of votes obtained at different polling stations, or from exit polls, to project or speculate on the candidate who, at airtime, was leading or doing better or worse than his opponent(s)’ and Section 5.2.11 which says ‘A station shall broadcast election results or declaration of the winner of an election only as announced by the authorized electoral officer for the election’. Stations must note that the authorized electoral officer for elections in states are the state electoral commissioners.