Botswana: BTV Set to Screen Local Soapie Next Year


Botswana Television (Btv) will finally have another local soapie if things go according to plan. The national television station has commissioned a local film production company, Camelthorn, to produce the second part of Re Bina Mmogo drama series. Re Bina Mmogo I was screened on Btv in 2005.

The director of Camelthorn, Enrst Engels confirmed that Btv has commissioned his company to do the shooting. It plans to call for auditions this week. The shooting of the drama will be done in September up to October. Engels said Re Bina Mmogo II will be shown on Btv early next year.

He said they are going to introduce new locations for the shooting. The shooting for the 14-episode Re Bina Mmogo II will be done in Gaborone and other towns. The shooting will also take place in the lands.

Re Bina Mmogo II will be sort of a continuation of Re Bina Mmogo I. As a result,

Engels said, they are also going to retain the old cast. He said some of the roles that they played in Re Bina Mmogo I will be continued. Some of the actors who would be recalled include "Blocks" and "Obert".

Engles promised the story of Re Bina Mmogo II will be interesting. "We have a lot in store for the viewers. It is going to be hot, the audience will certainly love the story," he declared.

Re Bina Mmogo I, was basically about love relationships among members of dancing groups. The film also focused on "sugar daddies", "small houses" and even passion killings.

Engles reflected that the film was more of a reality drama. It was based on discussions with people about their real life experiences. The producer said they then transformed those experiences into drama.

The last local soapie to be shown on the national television was Tokoloshi about three years ago. Both Re Bina Mmogo I and Tokoloshi were popular with the viewers. But Tokoloshi was nearly pulled off from the screens after residents of Bobonong protested that the film was associating their village with demons.