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- An Angolan advertising agency has given Homer Simpson and his family an African makeover. raising eyebrows among fans of one of America's most cherished sitcoms.The advertising agency, Executive Center in Luanda, decided to turn them brown for a promotional video aired by Africa's digital satellite TV service DSTV in Angola. Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart are portrayed as Africans sitting on their over-used family couch. The family is shown wearing African-inspired clothing and their living room has little more than two huge loud speakers.

Even Homer's cherished beer has been replaced by Cuca, the Budweiser of Angola.

- Zimbabwe’s SW Radio Africa has won the 2009 Radio Station of the Year Award at an event organised by the Southern Africa Achievers Awards (SAAA), last Saturday.

- "La ferme célébrité", a Popular French programme will be filmed in South Africa according to journal "Le Dauphiné Libéré". The programme, a reality TV show which featured French celebrities takes place in a real farm. Chosing South Africa as the location was motivated by its climate.

- An American actor, director and producer is finally making the movie he envisaged 10 years ago and it will be set and filmed in South Africa. The streets of Durban — including Florida Road, also the name of the film and a famous food strip in the city — will be overrun by Bollywood and local stars when filming begins next week.