Al Jazeera Sports HD re-opened on the 14th. August 2009


Al Jazeera Sports HD, the pan-Arabic TV sports channel re-opened again on the 14 August 2009 at 9PM (GMT). It is part of Al Jazeera Network,owned by the government of Qatar and broadcasts sport matches in HDTV. Al Jazeera Sports HD Re-Opened to cover The Champions League and/or Europa League and other events in High-Definition.

The channel can be watched via satellite on Nilesat 104: Frequency - 12456, Polarization - Vertical, Symbol Rate - 27500, FEC - 3/4. “The new Arabic-language channel aims to enlighten viewers about what is happening in the world of sports and provide them with comprehensive coverage of the most important international events," Mohammed Ammor, a director at Al Jazeera, told Emirates Business.

Al Jazeera’s sport channels already hold the rights to the Champions League, Italy’s top soccer games and North America’s NBA games. Ammor says the channel has also struck deals with “British channels” to provide reports, interviews and news. Al Jazeera Sports pulled off a major coup at the start of 2008 by winning the rights for the UEFA Champions League for three seasons starting from season 2009-2010. The rights were previously with ART Sport.

After seasons and seasons of exclusively airing the UEFA Champions League, ART now loses those rights to Aljazeera Sport Channel. Aljazeera won those rights and for the UEFA cup for at least the next three seasons from 2009 to 2012.