Discop organisers offer to help producers sell TV formats into Africa


Basic Lead, organiser of Discop Africa, offers an interesting service to producers. If you have a TV format that has had success in Europe, the Americas or Asia/Pacific, Basic Leads can help you market it in Africa. This is what Erik Kampmann and Nils Jucaud, Account Managers at Basic Lead. are in charge of. Balancing Act Sylvain Béletre decided to find out more.

Erik explains: "Africa is still an unknown field for most western format producers. They may have succeeded in their home country and have exported their production abroad to the Western World, but many have not yet considered Africa. Flying to and prospecting in Africa is expensive. Dealing with African TV Stations, getting to know the right people, building relationships and understanding the acquisition processes usually take a while. The trend is changing however; producers now understand the potential of the growing market that is Africa. It is important to note that in order for them to grow their business, they must be in contact with advertisers who are key to succeed in emerging markets. Many attractive projects don't go through because of a lack of resources and expertise, and we can help by providing the link between producers, TV stations and most importantly advertisers.”

Q: What is the process?

A: “Producers present their formats to us and based on our 'know-how' we evaluate the economic viability of their potential in Africa. Once the project is selected, we get in touch with relevant TV channels which are usually thrilled as they are 'hit' shows. Once they agree to air our selected programs in exchange of advertising opportunities, our relationship with advertisers become then fruitful as it is in their interest to be associated with such shows giving them wide exposure.”

Q: "do you have any projects in the pipeline right now?"

A: "We are working hard on four major projects. The first two are poker formats which have attracted a lot of interest from both advertisers and TV stations. The first one, The African Poker Champion has already been signed by more than 20 TV stations which will reach an approximate 60 Million households across the continent. This is a perfect example; Advertisers have the opportunity to be associated with a hit show involving celebrities giving them a continent wide exposure. We currently have different big brands already committed to the project. A second popular program we are working on is Splash news, a weekly show following the gossips and mis-steps of the 'hot' celebrities of the moment. We are giving free VIP advertisers’ badge for companies' wishing to come and meet us in Nairobi to discuss these projects.”