Waterfront Studios puts money into a BrightDrive Recording System and Bones Dailies solutions


Bright Systems, Inc have announced that South Africa’s Waterfront Studios has installed a BrightDrive Recording System and two Bones Dailies nonlinear dailies solutions for its Cape Town head office. Together, the new systems are providing a highly advanced and collaborative dailies management and transfer process.

Waterfront Studios' BrightDrive is specified for 3 x 2K or HD4:4:4 streams from one 14.4TB online workspace. Operators are able to scan film via a Spirit DataCine® and Bones Dailies directly onto the BrightDrive in 2K or HD 4:4:4. The media is available immediately to all operators on the network for Best Light color correction, audio syncing, logging and laying off to SD tape, DVD, file based video (Avid DNXHD or FCP QuickTime) and HD master tape simultaneously as digital dailies. This 'scan once' data-centric approach to workflow gives high levels of flexibility and efficiency in the way resources are utilized as operators are able to begin work as soon as the frames come into the workflow.

Based partly on the increasing demand for digital dailies, Waterfront Studios invested in two Bones Dailies systems, which is a first for Africa. Bones Dailies has provided Waterfront Studios with a technologically advanced approach that is giving them and the local industry a competitive edge.

Bones Dailies integrates with Waterfront Studios' existing Spirit DataCines. Together they create a file-based nonlinear dailies infrastructure that allows them to work on multiple feature film projects concurrently. Bones Dailies manages the entire dailies process, from ingest to the creation of fully graded, fully logged, fully sound synchronized high quality dailies. Image and audio synchronization is semi-automatic, and color decisions used for dailies can be carried through to the DI stage, utilizing the American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (ASC CDL). With the BrightClip file system support, Bones Dailies records HD or 2K RGB 10-bit 4:4:4 images directly to the BrightDrive system. Playout from Bones Dailies is at the same high quality as the content that originally came off the Spirit DataCine.