M-Net scored 51.62 out of 100 for its social media reputation

Technology & Convergence

South African subscription-funded television channel M-Net scored 51.62 out of 100 for its social media reputation. The rating was awarded by Yomego, the social media agency. M-Net's volume of noise was rated at 36.10, recency of noise at 36.11, tone of sentiment at 70 and sentiment recency at 64.28.

So why was M-Net rated for social media reputation? News that online ad spend is now bigger than TV is not the death knell for traditional broadcasting as many have suggested: it is an opportunity that TV should seize, said Yomego.

According to Yomego managing director, Steve Richards, TV that embraces social media, rather than rails against it, is capable of converting its audiences into highly successful ‘social’ communities.

Setting out the critical issues that face the TV industry in a new report, "TV: End of the industry or just the end of a business mode?" he says that sharp revenue declines from advertising have been in stark contrast with viewing figures, proving that content is still king.

Yomego has created online communities for clients including M-Net.

Steve Richards believes that the opportunity for TV producers is to build their own social communities around their content: “Content has an intrinsic value and viewers will subscribe to watch it, just as advertisers will pay to be associated with it."