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- African-American group BET Networks, a division of Viacom Inc, has announced its New Fall Programming. This includes eight news series that premiere in September and October : First In, Hear of the City, Monica, Pay It Off, Bring You ‘A’ Game, the Mo’Nique Show and Pressure Cooker. BET Networks is offering a diverse line-up of original programming. From a new face on the late-night talk show scene, to a fiscally focused game show, to a heart-pounding look at the lives of Compton, Los Angeles firefighters and a series of thought-provoking specials, BET's new slate provides a broad spectrum of real-life stories.

- Zambia’s former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa has complained against Radio Phoenix for airing an interview in which she launched a scathing attack on the Times of Zambia. Mrs Mwanawasa on Tuesday morning called the radio station to refute a story in the Times of Zambia in which she revealed her ambitions to stand for the presidency in 2016 after President Rupiah Banda had completed his second term.However, before the telephone interview, which was recorded live, was even aired, she had a change of mind and phoned the station in an apparent attempt to block the broadcast. Mrs Mwanawasa was allegedly angry that her attack on the Times of Zambia was aired live and when she attempted and failed to speak with the reporter who conducted the interview, she accused the radio station of playing with people's emotions. Radio Phoenix news editor Julius Sakala who confirmed the development to the Times of Zambia said Mrs Mwanawasa again called the radio station yesterday morning and demanded to speak with the reporter who handled her interview but failed.He said when the station was asked to withdraw the interview, it was decided that the broadcast proceeds because she voluntarily phoned the station to give the story.

- Acclaimed South African sci-fi movie District 9 has now topped the British box office, just weeks after conquering the US and South African box offices.The story of a malnourished alien race transferred to a Johannesburg township, with its inescapable apartheid-era echoes, earned £2.2m and knocked horror movie The Final Destination down into second place.

- The Rose of Rhodesia (1918), one of the earliest feature films made in South Africa, went online last week at the website of Australian film journal Screening the Past. A five-reel romance centred on a stolen diamond, an interracial friendship, and an anti-colonial uprising, The Rose of Rhodesia impressed contemporary reviewers with its daring realism, spectacular outdoor locations, and casting of African actors in prominent roles. Considered lost for most of the last century, the film may claim to be the first fictional treatment of Zimbabwe in cinema.

- The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) in South Africa announced that its new co-production guidelines came into effect as of 1st September 2009.