Uganda: : Bukedde FM Now in Masaka, Mbarara


Bukkedde FM station has extended to Masaka and Mbarara districts transmitting from channel 106.8. Bill Tibingana, the Vision Group radio programme director, on Monday said the extension would also cover Rakai, Sembabule, Kooki and Kalangala districts.He said the radio station, whose programmes are run in Luganda, is the most popular station in Buganda and said it was crucial to extend it to Masaka in Buddu county.

Tibingana said Buddu is historically important for Buganda because it is believed to be the base of the original Baganda, adding that the radio would be popular there. Bill Mboija, the programmes supervisor, said their mission was to stimulate development through proper programming and relevant content.

"Our programmes on farming, business and culture will make a difference to our listeners and help them to shape society and enhance development." Mboija said. Bukedde FM opened in Kampala in August last year. In addition to Radio West and Vision Voice FM stations, the Vision Group also owns the New Vision and its sister regional newspapers, Bukedde, Etop, Orumuri and Rupiny.