Nigeria: NBC Urges Radio, TV Stations not to use Pirated Materials

Regulation & Policy

The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has solicited for the support of broadcast stations in the fight against piracy by asking them to discourage pirated materials on their stations.

It also urged radio and television owners to give full support to the fight against piracy by giving adequate publicity to the moves to eradicate the menace. The Commission said radio and television owners can support the fight by discouraging the use of pirated materials on their stations, and by keeping strictly to the conditions of their rights agreements.

While condemning piracy of musical and other intellectual properties, it also noted the devastating effect the menace has on the Nigerian creative sector, particularly books, films and, of course, music. The Commission however supported any legitimate means owners pursue to protect their rights.

The Commission equally noted the decision of the Nigerian music industry coalition to hold a series of activities to protest the debilitating effect of piracy on the industry. However, the Commission is concerned about the implications of the "No Music Day" the coalition has declared, which is in complete negation of the terms of licence of the broadcast stations to serve the people of Nigeria. It is difficult to conceive a programme that has no musical element to it.

According to the Commission, it would mean that thematic stations with music bias would be kept effectively off air for 12 hours, which will also affect their contractual agreements with their clients.

According to the Commission, it does not support any move by anyone that would shut down the operations of any broadcasting station without recourse to the due process of law. "We stand by broadcasting stations to render their obligations to their various publics. We, however, will not condone any attempt to enforce illegality", Head, Public Affairs, Awwalu Salihu said in a statement.