FIFA WC Countdown to 2010: A24 provides footage for broadcasters


A24 media provides several pieces of materials to broadcast networks.

Where will you be on the 11th of June 2010? With slightly over 220 days remaining before the world of football relocates to Africa, the event is gathering pace. How ready is South Africa and will the 5kg gold trophy remain in Africa?

SA Will Be Ready

 - Johannesburg is the Key host city and will be in the global spotlight during the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup.

Building for the World Cup

 - Where will you be on the 11th of June 2010? The date is significant to many soccer fans many of whom want to be in South Africa as this is when the World Cup officially begins.

South Africa is also working hard not to disappoint its expected visitors and is spending half its annual budget - 28 billion US dollars to prepare.

Countdown to 2010

 - With the first African soil World Cup set to be played out in 2010, South Africa is racing ahead to build its stadiums and infrastructure; all in the hope of adding up to $7 billion to its economy at the end.


 - The vuvuzela and South African football have been associated with each other for almost 10 years.

Nobody quite knows how exactly the Vuvuzela came about, or who started the trend. But we do know who makes them and that they are going to be extremely busy during the World Cup to meet the high demand.

An Uncertain Future

 - The world sporting arena will be moving to South Africa next year to witness a world sporting spectacle, the 2010 FIFA World Cup being hosted for the first time in an African soil.

But before the event, the Rainbow nation has to address many uncertainties ranging from, infrastructure upgrade and the devouring global credit crunch.

Eco Friendly 2010

 - More pollution! More Waste! More harmful effects! If this doesn’t sound like the 2010 FIFA World Cup, then you are probably one of the many South Africans who are not aware of the negative impact this event will bring.

Samuel Eto’o – Where it All Began

 - He is one of the most prolific strikers in world football today.

He is notching the goals which are propelling Indomitable Lions of Cameroon to 2010 World Cup qualification. But where did it all begin for Samuel Etoo?

Eteya Awards

 - ETEYA stands for Emerging Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year Awards.

The award has been running for 8 years. With the 2010 FIFA World Cup around the corner it’s crucial for SMME’s to take advantage of the flock of tourists it brings with it.

U17 World Cup Preparations

 - The 2010 world cup draws closer everyday and Africa is anxiously waiting to host the world’s biggest sporting event.

Bus Rapid Transit

 - South Africa is quickly putting measures in place to ensure millions of visitors who will throng its cities do not regret their stay in the south African country transport is one of the concerns.

Addidas SA

 - Gavin Cowley is the director of marketing at Adidas South Africa.

Tasked with marketing a global brand and spearheading the brands 2010 Soccer World Cup strategy, Gavin attributes a large portion of his leadership style to lessons he learnt on the sports field.

MTN 2010 Launch

 - MTN is Africa’s first global sponsor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Recently the mobile network powerhouse unveiled its 2010 campaign. The campaign is going to be rolled out across MTN’s 21 markets in both Africa and the Middle East.