Tunisia: Australia’s SBS TV shoots documentary on Kerkennah Islands


Under the title: "Looks at the relaxed lifestyle of the Kerkennah Islands in Tunisia", the Australian TV channel "SBS TV", broadcast a 30 minute documentary on the Kerkennah Islands on Sunday and in prime time on "Thalassa", the French documentary channel.

It looks at the relaxed lifestyle of the Kerkennah Islands in Tunisia where fishermen collect fish using palm branches and education is highly valued and the documentary showcases the wonders of ancient Cercina (the Roman name of Kekennah Islands).

Often portrayed as a dream island, the Kerkennah archipelago is also home to one of the country's oldest native population, the Amazigh. They blended first with the Phoenicians and later with the Romans.

The islands were originally called "Cercina" because the witch-goddess "Circe" is supposed to have imprisoned Odysseus in kekennah, believing him too handsome to let go. She set a trend: Kerkennah has been a place of exile for centuries, but prisoners can hardly have cried when told that their fate was to be shipped over a shallow sea to the insular equivalent of the Elysian Fields".

Kerkennah is well known for its wealth marine fauna, especially octopus, which is the major source of living of fishermen and their families.

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