Regulation & Policy In Brief

Regulation & Policy

- The Somali media and journalist associations decided on a cooperative action plan to counter the growing oppression of the media in Somalia. In 2009 six Somali journalists have been killed, others were detained, several stations were closed or taken over by armed groups. More than 30 independent media houses representing all parts of the Somali speaking territories, signed a joined declaration calling for the establishment of a training and solidarity centre for reporters to handle security issues, arrests, corruption and biased reporting. Such a Solidarity Centre will document harassments, random arrest, imprisonment and torture of reporters, closure of radio stations and killing of journalists. It will collect detailed reports and evidence to end the impunity of perpetrators.

The Somali journalists also decided to form a media cooperation that will help the independent media to disseminate their news. Several radio stations based in all Somali speaking territories will seek close cooperation. The stations are committed to share their news through a central desk at a safe location. The collected materials will be packaged and redistributed to all the partnering stations. A structural training and coaching program to enhance the professional skills of the media sector will be attached to the project. Some stations based in the most restricted areas are considering building a re-broadcasting station that cannot be controlled by any of the warring parties.