New UK TV set from Cello offers convergence with iPlayer and 14 Internet channels

Technology & Convergence

A new TV set which offers people the chance to view the BBC iPlayer directly, has launched. The iViewer, from British firm Cello, has built-in internet access, and requires a broadband or wifi connection in order to view net channels.bIt will be sold exclusively in Marks and Spencer stores until March 1 2010.

Currently the BBC catch-up service is only available on television via set top boxes, games consoles or a digital TV subscription with Virgin Media. Other internet channels available on iViewer will include Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food, YouTube and video podcasts by news providers CNN and chat show host Larry King.

The set has taken a year to develop, said Brian Palmer, owner of Cello Electronics. A delay in the delivery of an essential chip manufactured in the US set back the software writing process by four months. "We start manufacturing the sets in County Durham this weekend," he told BBC News. "But they will be in short supply before Christmas."

The LCD sets are available in 26 and 32 inch models (priced £399 and £499 respectively) and are designed to be upgraded remotely by Cello when BBC iPlayer starts broadcasting in HD.

BBC News