African TV content to be family-driven, says Multimesh CEO


Chief Executive officer of Multimesh broadcasting company, Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa has called on African countries to borrow a leaf from Nigeria , by returning to family-driven TV content. Ohuabunwa made this call at the Discop 2 media market held in Nairobi. He argued that adopting the Nigerian approach to content production and delivery would go a long way in helping African countries to boost their desire to increase the production of local television content in the content.

Emphasizing the need for the broadcasting operators in Africa to reconsider the kind of content they deliver to their viewers, Mutimesh broadcasting company boss said, broadcasting operators need to provide content that would be edifying and offense-free."As operators, we need to provide content that would encourage parents and their wards to sit in the comfort of their homes, and watch television programme together without the parents having to ask their wards to go out, or close their eyes, while certain programmes are being beamed."

"We need to look at the platform upon which these content are provided and make amends where necessary to guarantee the future of television broadcasting in Africa . Naija choice is a very simple platform and technique to adopt for the emerging broadcasting industry in African."