Cable Africa Network (CAN) to be launched later this year


Executives from Cable Africa Network (CAN) who were present at Discop 2 Africa announced that it will be launched later this year.

As a broadcaster in the cable medium with over 15 years experience, Sir Godfrey Ohuabunwa stated that the cable TV has strategically positioned itself to play big with its operations office currently located in Abuja. He explained, "Our strategy has been to consolidate, grow and market in the South of Nigeria. Today we are very proud to say that we are the second largest cable TV company in Nigeria. We have been able to grow our channels and we are covering all the states in the Niger Delta in the South-South of Nigeria.

Interview by Lucky Fiakpa, Ohuabunwa explained that his company's move to Abuja is part of a plan to cover the whole of West Africa with the proposed establishment of an authentic African Cable TV channel to be called Cable African Network, CAN.

"Coming to Abuja is a strategy which we have planned over the last five years for a number of reasons. One, as we speak our market has gone beyond regional. We have gone to direct-to-home (DTH). By October to December this year, we are launching our Cable Africa Network (CAN), which will be the premium African family content channel. We plan to launch this station in Abuja. Our DTH will also be based in Abuja. Part of our group strategy is to bring our head office to Abuja although our operations office will remain in Port Harcourt".

As part of efforts to make the operations of the cable station a nationwide one, Multimesh has taken over the management of Crowther Radio station, which is now known as Family Love FM. It can be assessed on 104 Family Love FM in Abuja. Its CMTV is also coming to Abuja.

To properly position the cable TV to play its role effectively, Ohuabunwa disclosed that the station was giving the provision of sound and African value-oriented contents serious attention. And to achieve this aim, two high profile Nollywood content providers, Jetta Amata as executive director, and Amaka Igwe, are already on board to realise this. He was of the opinion that content was a major challenge in television programming in the country, saying that there was a need to address it with the best professionals the industry could provide.

"A lot of the broadcast operators in Nigeria have great equipment but who mans them? Multimesh is bringing the best brains. You are aware that we are bringing the CEO from CNN, we brought somebody from Multichoice who is going to head one of the CAN channels, we have also brought a new finance person from Deloitte. We have also entered into partnership and great relationship with one of the premium Nigerian producers, Jetah Amata. He is an Executive Director with Multimesh Entertainment Limited, which is the content company of Multimesh Broadcasting".

To this end, the company is targeting N1 billion for content provision for the next year alone with N300 million already on the table for this purpose. Furthermore, with Amata just back from the US, the company has procured an HD production called 'The Red One', reportedly the first of its kind in Africa. To achieve the kind of Africa-oriented content Multimesh Communications Limited envisions, Amata has just shot Queen Amina that would run on the station for the delight of viewers.