Kenya/SA sci-fi film collaboration


Award-winning Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu (From A Whisper) has teamed up with South African film producers Simon Hansen, Hannah Slezacek and Amira Quinlan of Inspired Minority Pictures to make a new sci-fi film titled Pumzi which takes its name from the Kiswahili word, for "breath". The film was written and directed by Kahiu, who owns film company One Pictures. The film stars first timer and South African actress Kudzani Moswela as Asha.

Pumzi is a 20-minute short film about a futuristic Africa, in a "water war", 35 years after World War III. It was funded by the Goethe Institute, the US based Focus Features (Africa First Program) and Changamoto Fund (Kenya). Focus Features and Goethe Institute will handle distribution. The film was completed in September.