African Radio Stations are going digital


Securenet Systems, Inc., a radio streaming services provider announces several new music stations in Africa and around the world signing up for their services as World Beat and African Beat music continue to grow in popularity.

Some of the recent African Beat stations include Capitol FM in Nairobi, Kenya, Main 21.1 FM in Kisumu, Kenya, Africa’s Beat FM in Seattle, Washington, The Heartbeat of Ghana in London, England and Zodiak Broadcasting Station in Lilongwe, Malawi. Radio stations around the world sign on daily to use Securenet’s radio streaming services to reach their online listeners at their desktops and on their cell phones.

In addition to 75+ interchangeable player skins available and the ability to upload customized player skins, stations also can also enable audio and video pre-rolls as well as black-out and white-listing for blocking content. Other features include royalty accounting, synchronized banner ads, album art with artist, title and album display, stream to mobile phones, and other features designed to help stations capture the growing segment of the online listener, expand their reach and branding, and generate extra revenue from new advertisers. Stations can broadcast at any bit-rate in Windows Media, MP3, Flash or AAC/AAC+, depending on the level of features needed.

Each station can deploy up to two players; one for live streaming and one for on-demand streaming, plus stream separately to cell phone listeners. The customizable players come with a stats program showing live listener habits and traits. The radio streaming packages can accommodate small markets, or provide for unlimited listeners in large markets. Packages run as low as $.29 cents a listener per month, making it one of the lowest-cost applications available on the market today. Every package includes all the same range of features.

Securenet Systems is a US company located in Deerfield Beach, Florida and is one of the largest hosting and radio streaming companies and a leading provider of core Internet services. Securenet serves the radio streaming market in over 200 countries and every US state, and offers a wide range of Internet services including high-speed website hosting, custom website design and programming, online marketing, and radio streaming. An Affiliate Reseller Program is available worldwide for companies and individuals interested in partnering with Securenet.