$22m Dubai deal for South Africa’s Know Your Nation animation format


Mon, 16 Nov 2009 South African cartoonist/filmmaker Tim Mostert of Speedy Productions has entered into a $22m deal with Dubai-based Emari Toons for his two-minute animation format, Know Your Nation. Emari Toons will produce a total of 2,200 episodes for countries in the Arab League, with Mostert retaining the rights to the series. Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) will air the series to the entire Middle East region.

Mostert, creator of the popular cartoon character Speedy who also stars in his own animation series, signed the contract at the recent Dubai International Character & Licensing Fair.

Using animation and humour, each two-minute episode of Know Your Nation tells one thing about the country- cultural, historical or geographical. The series was designed to work on every conceivable media platform - TV series, mobile download, newspaper articles, web destination, radio spot, educational publishing format, GPS add-on, handheld game and format quiz show.

"The governments of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have offered to get involved in the rollout of the series, and are very keen to use it to promote the region," notes Mostert. Animation for this initial series will be done in Syria and with Montreal-based 2D software company Toon Boom developing a dedicated Know Your Nation software production pipeline. The first two pilot episodes will be ready in January 2010.