Algeria: Government gives its backing to a swift transition to DTT


The meeting, chaired by Secretary of State at Prime Minister for Communication Azzedine Mihoubi, is aimed at giving a visibility to the authorities by mapping out guidelines and the methodological framework for the execution of the digital terrestrial television (DTT) nationwide. It is also aimed at giving a concrete expression to one of the main recommendations of the national committee for digital strategy, set up this year, and which concerns the technical aspects and the content, hence the pertinence of this assessment for the launch of the DTT.

The installation of transmitting stations for the digital terrestrial television (DTT) will begin next December around the country, public broadcasting company (TDA) announced on Saturday. The set up of the DTT stations nationwide will take place in three stages, the first of which will concern the centres of Chrea (Mitidja), Tessala (Sidi Bel-Abbes and its outskirts) and Kef Lekhal (Constantine), said Mohamed Madour, studies and development manager of at TDA. The second stage will allow the installation of five stations for the centres of Bordj el-Bahri, Sidi M'cid, Meghriss, Ain Sour and Mecheria, while the third is relating to the country's north and south with the set up of 97 stations and 100 rebroadcast transmitters.

The quick and easy access to digital terrestrial television (DTT) by all its citizens is a "key" and "essential" factor for DTT development, participants in the international seminar on DTT stressed in their recommendations. They also agreed to focus initially as an essential factor on an attractive price for personal devices, that is to say the least expensive possible. The content of new channels was also dubbed as fundamental to generate maximum interest for DTT from viewers, it was stressed.

The development of digital content in terms of programmes and new services remains "crucial" for the successful migration from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT), the Minister of Post and Technology said.

Addressing an international seminar on DTT, Hamid Bessalah noted that Algeria has embarked on a digital migration process by adopting a "progressive" approach through the launch of the first digital channels next year, and focusing particularly on technology choices, technology implementation and digital content development.

"This migration should be included in the overall information and communication technology (ICT) strategy, for the role of ICT in accelerating economic growth and socio-cultural integration is widely admitted," declared Azzeddine Mihoubi as the chairman of an international seminar on digital terrestrial television (DTT). He also said that his department’s "actions must merge with national development priorities and ensure a balance between ICT development and communications infrastructure."

A series of steps intended to improve the Internet connection speed have been taken by the Ministry of Post and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Minister Hamid Bessalah announced.