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- Intellect have announced the launch of the Journal of African Cinemas at the African Film in the Digital Era Conference, on Sunday 29 November at the University of Westminster, London. The inaugural issue of the Journal of African Cinemas explores African film from an African and international perspective. The articles examine cinemas in countries including Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Rwanda and Congo, exploring a range of genres and media including videos, documentaries and musicals. Explore the first issue free online on:

- The Palestinian town of Gaza hosted the 1st women’s film festival entitled "Through the eyes of women," organizers announced start of November 2009.

The festival was attended by several Arab countries, namely Algeria, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Palestine (West Bank, 48 territories and the Gaza Strip). The festival got underway with "Behind the Mirror," a film by director Nadia Charabi Laabidi, a member of the Algerian People's Support for Palestine and the Resistance, chaired by Djamila Bouhired and Lakhdar Bouragaa.