Tunisia: NETIA Radio-Assist Provides Automated Workflow at Radio Tunisienne Chaine Internationale

Technology & Convergence

NETIA announced that Radio Tunisienne Chaine Internationale (RTCI) has installed NETIA's Radio-Assist digital audio software to streamline the broadcast workflow, from acquisition through playout, for its international radio programming. The end-to-end NETIA solution allows staff at RTCI to record, edit, or prepare playlists from within a single application.

"Radio-Assist is a comprehensive broadcast system that provides all the functionality we need in a smart, highly automated workflow that speeds time to air," said Marouane Gallah, technical director of Radio Tunisienne Chaine Internationale. "The software suite ensures efficient handling and management of content, simplifying our access to media and providing staff with flexibility in creating radio programming and distribution to multiple platforms."

Radio Tunisienne Chaine Internationale is using a Radio-Assist system built on two servers and equipped with NETIA's DBShare to ensure the security and integrity of stored media. DBShare ensures the stability of database contents, synchronizing all databases automatically and thus providing automatic, transparent redundancy and automatic database restoration in the event of any incident.

The broadcaster outfitted two on-air studios with NETIA's Air-DDO broadcast module and added a third station to support automatic playout of nighttime programming. The Air-DDO graphical user interface displays the broadcast channel along with help and preparation tools for cueing, on-air monitoring, playlist modification, recording, and production. Directly linked to the scheduling workstations, Air-DDO keeps track of the latest changes made to the playlist in real time and automatically displays the refreshed playlist data.

The Radio-Assist installation includes two production workstations dedicated to acquisition and editing, and a second workstation for planning and preparation of playlists with NETIA's Grid Editor and Feder-All. Three additional workstations support music scheduling, advertising scheduling, and recording of phone inserts. The last workstation allows journalists to call in and trigger recording using a security code. Sound is automatically stored to the database.

Radio Tunisienne Chaine Internationale has also installed Radio-Assist workstations for logging, streaming, and Internet broadcasting using NETIA's Air-Push and Dispatcher. Air-Push automatically supplies data related to the item on air. For each item broadcast, Air-Push sends its metadata (text, DAB, HTML page, etc.) to a Web or DAB server, or straight onto the network. NETIA's Dispatcher is a highly powerful automation system for converting sound files and exporting them directly from the Radio-Assist database according to any number of profiles, each one relating to a conversion format, a target, etc.